The Fellowship Program

Fellowships last 11 months (from September to July) and take place entirely on site at Coubertin, near Paris.

The stay represents a combination of work and training.  The work component, for which fellows are remunerated, is significant.  The workshops are an active business and fellows are expected to participate as required in the ongoing production.


Fellows undertake to attend workshop sessions, classes, lectures and other cultural activities.  Classes and lectures represent over 1000 hours over the course of the fellowship.

The program includes:

  • work in the workshops
  • professional training in their relevant trade (technology, drafting, workshop organization)
  • classes in French language and general culture open to the modern world
  • instruction in how to teach one’s own craft
  • free-hand drawing, history of architecture and styles
  • modeling and casts
  • perspective and proportions
  • basics of management and accounting
  • mathematics and mechanics of materials
  • foreign languages (English, German)
  • computer skills and CAD
  • artistic heritage
  • weekly lectures on cultural topics
  • visits of monuments, museums, exhibits
  • live performances (theater and music)

Fellows who perform satisfactorily receive a certificate of completion.

Material Conditions

Fellows receive room and board on-site at Coubertin.  Their productive work in the workshops is paid, which ensures a net monthly income of around € 1000.  All fellows without exception receive health and insurance and workers compensation coverage.

One round trip airplane ticket between the U.S. and France is included, as is visa (work permit) processing. The program has a demanding schedule and includes weekend excursions. Except perhaps over the Christmas holiday, a return to the U.S. is not possible except for emergencies.

General Requirements

Fellows should be between the ages of 21 and 29, and have at least 3 years of professional experience, preferably as part of a workshop or firm, beyond their apprenticeship.  The age limit cannot be waived.

They must demonstrate a good level of professional skill in their area with concrete examples (a portfolio is part of the application).

They commit to participate fully in the program’s activities and to abide the rules and regulations of the program.

Important note: fellows are expected to be single and to reside full-time at Coubertin with the other fellows (most of whom are French and fairly young).  This residence is incompatible with any form of family life.

Language requirement

The language at the Coubertin workshops is French.  A fellow who does not have sufficient mastery of the French language is required undertake French language instruction while in the United States. Ideally, this would be at an Alliance Française facility near the fellow or at least some other alternative course. In addition, the fellow would be required to take an immersion course in the month of August prior to the start of the program, as arranged by us.  This would be at no cost to the fellow, neither for room and board nor instruction. The goal of the course is to obtain an adequate level of knowledge of the French language and French customs.  All past fellows have taken the course and described it as intense but very fruitful.